Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about eTextbooks, Online Courses and Educational Software


What is an eTextbook?
eTextbooks are digital versions of print textbooks enhanced with features such as high-speed search and electronic note-taking. These eTextbooks contain the same content as a print textbook.
What are the features of eTextbooks?
  • Pages identical to print textbook with same pagination
  • Easy navigation with linked Table of Contents
  • Take notes and hightlight text
  • Copy and paste text
  • Search on specific topics
  • Print pages
  • Send information to classmates
  • Read on mobile devices with a browser
  • Read on Android devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
If my title comes with supplemental materials, will I get them with my purchase of the eTextbook version?
Due to the digital delivery format, eTextbooks do not include CD content or other companion materials that may be available with the new physical book.
If I rent my eTextbook, do I need to return anything at the end of the rental period?
No, because your textbook is digital, there is nothing to return. If you choose to not buy the book or re-rent it at the end of your rental period, your license will simply expire and you will not have access to your textbook. You will still be able to access your notes.

Online Courses

What types of online courses do you offer?
Our most popular courses include:
  • Academic Subjects: Algebra, Chemistry, Anatomy, Spanish, Calculus, Biology
  • Test Prep: GRE, GMAT, MCAT, ACT, SAT, LSAT
  • Business & Software: Accounting, Word, eMarketing, Windows 7, Excel, Powerpoint
All told, there are over 200 courses available, featuring over 25,000 lessons, 33,000 flashcards, 1,700 videos, 57,000 practice questions, and 500 mini-tests.
What are the benefits of learning online?
  • Save Time: Scheduling and implementing online learning is much less time-consuming than planning and running inservice days and staff meetings.
  • Save Money Eliminate travel expenses, registration costs, consultant fees, and other expenses associated with seminars and on-site meetings. And online learning can save school districts the expense of hiring substitute teachers.
  • Get CEU and College Credit Online learning opportunities offer a way to earn professional development clock hours, which can be applied toward CEU or college credit.
  • Add Flexibility You can access online learning opportunities anytime, any place you have access to the Internet, from the comfort of your own home and even during summer and holiday breaks.
  • Increase Accountability Online learning can be even more accountable than traditional professional development because assignments, assessment scores, activities, course completions, and participant progress can be monitored online.
  • Bring Education Theory to Life When online learning experiences take full advantage of the interactivity and multimedia power of the Internet, they can engage you with videotaped classroom scenes, interviews, and online demonstrations of concepts. This wide variety of activity and question formats offers a more valuable learning experience than a typical workshop or textbook-based courses.
  • Promote Transference of Learning to the Workplace Instead of one-shot workshops, you can use the flexibility and lower costs of online learning to follow-up on learning activities with support that leads to implementation of new practices.
  • Create Excitement About Learning The interactivity and multimedia delivery of online professional development makes learning more engaging and fun!

Educational Software

What is the difference between the educational versions and the commercial versions of these products?
Nothing. Aside from the price, these products are usually functionally identical to the commercial versions. As a student, teacher, instructor, or faculty member you are eligible to purchase most software titles at educational discounts. Some software titles such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and 3ds max are functionally identical to the commercial versions but have been specially designed for educational or student-only use, making them unsuitable for a professional production environment.
Is this software a legal, licensed copy?
Yes. Software created by Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk are used in many of today’s businesses. They know that for students and teachers to learn the software, they must make their software more affordable to them. You get the software product in a box, just as it would come from a store. The software is intended for personal use only, so proof that you are enrolled or employed by a school, or are a school or not-for-profit, will be required. A photo school ID of some sort will usually suffice.
Am I eligible to buy educational software?
You can purchase educational software versions is you are one of the following:
  • College student (qualified degree-granting college, university and career school students)
  • K-12 student (degree-granting accredited public, private or charter school)
  • Faculty/staff (K-12 as well as all post-secondary faculty and staff members)
  • School
  • Home schooling (valid photo ID and proof of intent required)
  • Air Force/DoD Association (proof of Air Force/DoD Association required)

If you want to find out more, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.